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Wake up your Powerplus with JAM Consulting Performance Packages
JAM Consulting Ltd. offers various combination of performance packages for the V-Twin rider. Depending on the type of riding you do, whether you ride just in the city or are the rider who enjoys the long haul. The bottom line is dependability. Having a motorcycle that can offer an increased range from the same size fuel tank is a plus. With performance as the first priority along with efficiency comes good fuel mileage. Our customers receive the benefit of both performance and clean running engine.
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Each set of cylinder heads are "Dye Tested" with our wet flow process before we begin to port the heads. This tells us which heads flow the least. We then port this head first to bring it to the maximum flow. The second head is then ported to match the flow of the cylinder head the flowed the least amount. By this process we can match them in the maximum flow test. Testing the flow dynamics of the intake system in relation to the cylinder head and carburetor tells us what each engine is capable of performing. Once we determine the best flow areas, we correct the flow and direct the air speed from the carburetor to the intake port. This process aids in fuel atomization and control of air speed. With the cost of fuel increasing every day, even motorcycle riders want to squeeze the gas pumps for more mileage per tank.
The pistons are cleaned thoroughly and prepared for a special coating for heat resistant operation. By using coating on the top, bottom and skirts, the effective thermal temperature has been reduced. This in turn reduces the expansion of the components. By this process, we can tighten our assembly tolerances for a smoother and quieter operating engine. The added protection offered through thermal coated components extends the life of the components. Pictured is a set of dye-flowed piston with surface physic changes.

Intake manifold, pushrods and pistons receive heat treatment and coating to reduce internal heat buildup of components. Reducing the intake air temperature promotes a consistent fuel thermal mixture for an increase in fuel/ efficiency for combustion. This process has proven gains in performance and fuel mileage. Our customers state increased their fuel mileage by as much as 12 miles per gallon. We also recommend the use of Fuel Magic™ fuel conditioner. The fuel conditioner aids in keeping the combustion chamber clean, so carbon does not build up an increase the possibility of pinging do to an increase in compression.

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The Indian Powerplus 100 was introduced in 2002 as the power plant for the all Indian Chief. With a 4.25 stroke and 3.875 bore, the engine has room for performance upgrades without changing any internal components other than a camshaft and or ignition system. Jam Ltd. has experimented using a variety of camshafts and determines the correct camshaft only after the cylinder heads have been flowed and check for maximum flow. Then we match the camshaft to the head flow.

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V-twin Performance is a science all to it's own. With the ever changing technology that is available to incorporate into this unique design, JAM, Ltd. is continually looking at the vast possibilities that can be applied to these engines. We believe that by taking the existing components and using the latest technology, we can improve the dynamic performance of the engine using heat treatment and improve flow dynamics for cylinder heads, pistons carburetor and other components to make an efficient running engine.
Each engine we build is thoroughly inspected for the case bearing fitment. We debur the interior of the case and check for any case porosity or casting flaws. We check all machine surfaces for trueness and deformations. Every engine receives a rebuild and balanced crankshaft , oil pump and case modification. When needed, the pistons and cylinders are replaced with new 0.10" or 0.020" oversize piston and cylinders. After the piston have been modified and heat treated, the cylinder are then honed to within 0.00015 clearance for each side of the piston skirt. The piston rings are modified and installed. All engine clearances are measured and brought to the minimum specification. Our heads gaskets are specifically design in all copper material. We use graphite gaskets for all other mating surfaces. Our goal is to build the best Powerplus V-Twin not the most expensive.