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We offer a full line of special services for the following:






3.) The handle bar controls can be updated as well. By installing an E-Z clutch system, the amount of pressure required to pull the clutch in is reduced.  If you find that your clutch slips in fifth gear, we install Barnett clutches and spring kits that make a world of difference in the drive-ability during shifting and take offs. These kits are made specifically for the Indian Chief, Scout clutch and Spirit wet clutch systems.




6.) We have access to full machine shop capabilities to repair your Indian for your motorcycle. Give us a call or text message to (775) 722-3890 or email to info@jamltd.com.

Take a look at our catalog of Indian parts for 1999 to Present models.


2.) Gearing changes for the transmission and final drive assembly reduce the engine rpm while riding down the highway. These gear changes will improve the fuel mileage and reduce the engine speed so you can ride farther with more comfort. If you ride solo or two up with a full load of gear, we can suggest gearing that can accommodate your needs.


5.) Intake manifold modifications to improve the flow dynamics. Also available in our patented "Air Velocity Accelerator" (AVA) for the intake manifold. Likewise with the exhaust side of the cylinder head, we offer our patented Exhaust Velocity Accelerator (EVA) to help with removing stagnate CO from the exhaust port to increase the available combustion chamber volume for improved performance.


1.) Polished billet aluminum top motor mounts for Power plus 100 Chief

4.) Engine modifications might include installing compression release valves to all Power plus engines which reduces wear on the starting system, boring the cylinder to oversized pistons. Re-manufacturing the engine case with head stud inserts and pinion sleeve replacement.  Line hone pinion bearing race to sprocket shaft bearing race for true alignment insuring the flywheel to run true in the case.