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Indian of Gilroy produced a Scout in 2001. The scout was the light weight bike of the three that were produced. It was fitted with a dry primary drive unit using a belt drive instead of a wet clutch and chain set up. The weight of this bike was 606 pounds. The engine used was a S&S 88 (1442 cc). The bore was 3.625" with a stroke of 4.25". With a compression ratio of 9.4:1. The transmission was an ILM constant mesh five speed. with a belt for the final drive. In 2002 the primary drive changed to a wet clutch setup and chain drive for the primary. In addition, the swing arm was changed and was used to improve the rear suspension. The front tire was an 18" while the back remained the 16". The front forks were also improved from the 2001 Showa forks to American Forks. The braking system used Thunder Heart calipers and single disc in the front. The bike was light and nimble and user friendly for the rider who were looking for a nice bike to commute with. The standard colors for 2002 were Black and Blue. In addition, the Scout Deluxe was offered in three colors Red, Silver and White. The difference between the standard and the deluxe models mainly was the frame. The standard version frames were all black. For the deluxe models had frame painted the same color as the bike, i.e. red, silver and white. The Scout Model line continued through 2003-04 with the same line up.

As the Indian Brand continues to develop products like in 2017. The introduction of the FTR 750. With a very successful racing season with top honors in the American Flat Track Series, Indian shares the wealth and experience gleaned from the FTR 750 and further developed a street version of the FTR. The street version is 1200 cc. Ready to be purchased by those who desire the a top notch motorcycle that may exceed their dreams. FTR specifications can be found here: FTR Series.


2002 Indian Scout

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When Polaris Industries purchased the Indian Brand from Stelican Corporation in 2011, they wasted no time in developing the Indian Brand. Shortly after the purchase of the brand, the Indian Chief was introduced in 2014, shortly after, the Indian Scout was introduced. A completely new design for the Scout. Stock, it came with a water cooled 1130cc engine, dual disc front brakes fuel injection, double overhead camshafts and two into two pipes. The development of the all new Scout was a perfect fit for the market for those riders who were looking for a bike that was powerful, great height and handling. The new Scout was well received by the motorcycle community. Various changes were to follow with two tone colors and various accessories. Specification for the New Scout: